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Web Design Pricing and Examples

Prices are usually based on how many web pages you would like or the level of functionality (User input) needed. The web packages on offer are highly customizable - All unique (Not Templates that are used over and over again by thousands of websites) & priced to be affordable.

If your site looks like it needs many pages - we offer Database Driven sites or CMS (Content Management Systems) - These come with an online control panel - adding/editing content is easy! The examples below give a brief outline of what's available - NB Our pricing can be as flexible as our design! If none of the examples fulfill your needs - Please contact us so we may chat about alternatives.
Web sites and pages are designed to your specific needs...each design is unique, functional and attractive. Put your business online!

Every web site features at least the following - We also provide web statistics so that you can see (in real time) how many hits you are receiving - The statistics can also be displayed on the site along with how many visitors are on your site now - total hits etc.

AreArt will take care of as much as you require us to do - What you pay for is what you get - No hidden extras! We provide you with a full report detailing who are your competitors (on the net), the best name for your domain plus lots more - All this before you commit to a web site.
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